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GRE Training

Classroom Training:

Students decide their time for computer/library/faculty

·         Unlimited access to our exclusive online portal for a period of 1 year

·         One-on-one doubt clearing session with the faculty

·         2500 plus practice questions

·         10 full length test

·         20 individual test

·         Online classes with us trainers

·         Live support

·         Guranteened result

·         One set of highly comprehensive GRE-Toppers study material

·         Preliminary counselling sessions

·         Shortlisting of and applying to universities

·         Scholarship assistance to the applied universities

·         Guidance in preparing LOR,SOP, Resume, etc

·         Assistance in financial and visa process

We ensure that all of our faculty members are available to help students on a more personal, one-on-one level. Students are encouraged to approach their instructors at anytime outside of class with questions or difficulties they may be having. This is particularly useful for students who may struggle in certain areas or those who simply want to go the extra mile. Either way, GRE-Toppers faculty are there to provide you with whatever you may need to achieve the results you desire.

Online Training:

This is a self study module. In the Computer Aided Training module, students do no attend classes, but instead have unlimited access to our library, study material, computer centre and faculty, allowing them to work at their own pace. Students will receive one-on-one help from faculty to guide them through the preparation process and to address any concerns. You can enroll in this package on any day.


Recent Results

Student Name Test Prep Score
Gowrisankar GRE- 328
Girish GRE-327
Hiran GRE-325
Swaathi GRE- 325
Aswanth GRE-325
Nandhini GRE-324
Praveen GRE: 325
Sindhiya GRE: 325
Siddharathi GRE: 322
Sherin GRE: 322
Vivek GRE: 323
Karthikeyan GRE: 321
Aaditya GRE: 319


GRE: 319
Soundarya GRE: 319
Mohan Kumar GRE: 318
Sanjana GRE: 317
AdrinIssaiArasu GRE: 317
Shyam Kumar GRE: 314
Mathan Kumar GRE:312
Narendran GRE: 312
Leeladhar GRE: 311
Deepan GRE:311
Shyam GRE: 311
Vinod GRE: 309
Pradeep GRE: 310
Sanjay GRE: 310
Karthik GRE: 310

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