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Roma Chandran  - University of Manchester - UK

The services provided by GRE-TOPPERS  beginning from GMAT classes to the essays editing were worth appreciation. The faculty was very supportive and provided my right guidance and feedback from time to time, which highly helped me with my essay writing and interview process.



My experience with GRE-TOPPERS ’s Admission counselling process was very enlightening and gave me all the necessary inputs required for my admission process. Counsellor was very prompt and provided me with well researched inputs for all my queries. The University shortlisting was precise and was a perfect fit to my needs. In short, I can say I am glad to have chosen GRE-TOPPERS Admission Counselling for such an important step in my future. I would like to wish them all the luck for the future and would like to be associated with the team later on too.


Aswanth - MS Mechanical Engineering - SUNY Stony Brook

From the minute I started taking help from GRE-TOPPERS ' counseling services I knew I had made the right decision. I can say with full confidence that there is no one better than GRE-TOPPERS in this specific field. The counselor assigned to me was excellent and extremely helpful all along the way. She was extremely tolerant towards me and guided me through all the steps of the admission process with ease and precision. The editors were also very good and swift with their work. Overall I feel like GRE-TOPPERS has helped me achieve my dream of obtaining a first class abroad education.


Sneha Sridhar - MS Electrical Engineering - University Wisconsin Madison

GRE-TOPPERS  made the whole process look very easy and has helped me complete my applications in minimal time efficiently. I thanks to GRE-TOPPERS  for the support and services provided.


Vinod Chandrasekar - MS Computer Science  - Colorado State University

My overall experience with GRE-TOPPERS  has been great. I have even referred a few of my friends and family, who after hearing my experience enrolled for classes. The teaching faculty both GRE and TOEFL have been very supportive and helped me throughout my preparation time. Also the administration staff made every effort to help me out whenever I wanted to take a mock test. Even the counseling team was very supportive and was always ready to help me. Thanks for all the help. 


ShanmugavelRamani - MS Information sciences and Technologies – FIT

I would like to inform you that the counselor allotted for me that was very helpful at all time. She was very aware about all the information I needed about my admission for Fall 2015. She guided me in every moment of my application process. Thanks to GRE-TOPPERS  and a very special thanks to my counselor for a constant support and wise advises.


Vignesh - Masters in Aerospace, University of British Columbia

Thanks GRE-TOPPERS  for all the Help. It was mostly because of your help that I was able to get the admission in UBC (which was not so easy). My counsellor is one person whom I can thank limitlessly. She was there every time I called her up for regarding anything and the best part is that she was so quick in the reverts that I never felt that I have to wait after asking anything from her. I can very well understand how difficult it was to cooperate with me especially when I was always changing my decisions of applying to foreign universities and no matter what, she was ready to take me out my misery without any problems. I specially want to thanks my counsellor for the guidance she gave to me whenever my mind was fluctuating here and there and always with a smile. She has played a bigger role in the whole process than me. I was always bugging her up and always felt that she might get annoyed but I think she is just too hard to be annoyed. My thanks would definitely extend over to two more persons. First, my writer who wrote such good essays out the unorganized points that I gave to her. Essays play a very important part in the whole application and the person I relied upon made me go through it. The writer was always supporting in understanding the point I want to make and make something good out of it. Second, my interviewer. I remember one day before the interview I called up and asked her to arrange for a Mock interview. And SHE DID IT! My interviewer was so cooperative and humble and seeing the urgency, she quickly arranged a call with me. It was such great help from her side to do it at such a short notice. And the insights given by her proved to be fruitful. Only I know how much I have used all that during my interview. All in all, GRE-TOPPERS  Team made me achieve whatever I wanted and I can proudly say that whatever I may be in future, these people have share in it. They helped in laying the foundation for that. A Big and heartfelt thanks to GRE-TOPPERS  and team and A Special thanks to my counsellor. All the Best!! 


Deepak Kumar - MS Computer Science – Concordia University



ShanmugavelRamani - MS Electrical Engineering – Florida Institute of Technology

GRE-TOPPERS  guided me throughout the process and handled the pressure situation well to meet the timeline. My counsellor boosted my morale whenever I was feeling low due to my less GRE score and showed confidence that we will make it in a good University riding on my Work Experience. My editor paid sincere attention and always sought University-curriculum related preference from me so that she may be able to prepare a better document. Thank you GRE-TOPPERS  for all your help and guidance. 


Mukesh - Masters in Aerospace, University of Nottingham, UK

It gives me an immense pleasure to write about GRE-TOPPERS . I became a part of this institute just a few months back in November when I decided to write IELTS. The institute with excellent mentors greatly moved me beyond transactions & interpersonal exchanges to perform beyond basic expectations. It made me realize that I can perform beyond my own expectations along with fostering my inborn desires & dreams which were located somewhere deep in my heart. It helped me a long way in creating an intellectual stimulation in gaining creative excellent language skills. An asset I got from the institute is harnessing my individual potentials.
I would specially like to thank my mentor, my faculty. She made learning english seem like a funny task or a game. Before coming to GRE-TOPPERS  I was extremely paranoid of the language but after my IELTS classes. I was very confident to tackle it and this, I believe played a major role in helping me achieve what I always wanted to. Since I was not so good in the speaking section, she kept on doing discussions on topics with me over and over again, until speaking became easy for me. She is extremely hardworking and extremely helpful to her students which were commendable. She was more of a friend to me than a teacher that made me ask her so many doubts without any shame after the classes and it really helped me a lot. I would also like to thank admission counselor for always being there with me and in helping me choose one of the best colleges of UK. I am really grateful to him for helping me get the best.


Divya, Masters in Computer Science, Syracause University

It was my the best journey of my lifetime with GRE-TOPPERS  and I got a very good impression. I wish GRE-TOPPERS  all the best for endeavor and sincerely hope it continues to help students realize their dreams.
Thank you


Swati - Indian School of Business

Building the Bridge As You Walk On It” is what I personally learnt from GRE-TOPPERS . I just kept on walking by working hard and the bridge to success was eventually being made by my mentor and guide at GRE-TOPPERS . I would first of all like to thank Rajan Sir for building this bridge for me and for driving me towards the success that I have achieved today.
I would also like to thank my faculty for making English and IELTS such an easy task for me. Her jovial and extremely friendly nature helped to ask my silliest of the doubts without any hesitations and make positive developments towards the English required to score good in IELTS. I really thank her for showing all the faith in me and making me materialize my dreams. Thanks a lot Ma'am... What you have taught me would stay with me forever." The program challenged me to assess myself, my huge abilities & my dreams incorporating my imagination power at it’s peak with respect to each practice and to formulate a strategy for personal growth within me as well as my organization.
“Best part of being with her was letting myself float the newest ideas & watching the reaction of the faculty on the same. She gave an explanative idea of tackling the writing, listening as well as the speaking section well. This enabled me to respond with an open mind & to realize my dreams & capabilities.”
I want to thank the whole team of GRE-TOPPERS  for providing this amazing platform to students interested in serious learning of the subject. Thank you for providing your terrific learning methodologies which has truly gifted me what I always needed in my life.
Thank you.


Sanjay Ramadugu - Masters in Information Systems, Northern Illinois University

GRE-TOPPERS  provided me with excellent GRE coaching along with complete admission guidance at every step of my Journey. The counselors and editors were very efficient and helpful. I also availed the Visa counseling, which gave me confidence to face visa interviews. The whole journey right from start to end was a good learning experience for me. They guided me step by step and the process went on very smoothly. With a much focused approach and GRE-TOPPERS 's guidance I was able to get through a very good university in US. I would like to stay connected with GRE-TOPPERS  team in futureand would highly recommend their services to all MS Aspirants.


Siva SathyaPradha - Masters in Computer Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

When I received admission from RIT with USD22000 scholarship, I couldn't thank GRE-TOPPERS  enough. My counselor's invaluable support and encouragement had led me to this success. A thorough professional, he has been courteous and ethical and has observed the highest standards of mentorship. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who is serious about seeking professional help for an MBA application


Prashanth Shah - HULT, International Business School

I am really grateful to GRE-TOPPERS  for guiding my way for foreign studies by guiding me to Hult University for my MIB program. I thank each person at GRE-TOPPERS  who has helped me in my admission process right from the initial counseling till my visa process. It was a wonderful experience interacting with everyone at GRE-TOPPERS . I got the right suggestion at the right time.


Suman - Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Technological University

My overall experience at GRE-TOPPERS  had been great. Right from preparing me for the GRE till the university's admission assistance, the entire process was truly professional. The faculty was very helpful and had profound knowledge of their subjects. The GRE training that I took was a truly unique experience where the subjects were taught in a manner that was very easy to understand. The counseling offered was also very helpful. They gave me the universities that truly matched my profile thereby making it easy for me to take a decision. I would willingly recommend GRE-TOPPERS  to anyone who wishes to pursue his further studies abroad.

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