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SAT Testimonials


SAT Score : 2210

My ambition is to get admission in MIT. So, I started preparing my profile from 9th grade itself, and I wanted to complete SAT I and SAT Subject tests before 10th grade. That was a little problematic because the syllabus of SAT was not covered in my school yet. The GRE-TOPPERS  study material helped me do a lot of self-study, and because of GRE-TOPPERS , I was able to take SAT in 9th grade and get a 2140 score. My weak area was Critical Reading and essay writing. Here, the GRE-TOPPERS  teacher spent a lot of one on one time with me and helped me immensely. She gave me tips which improved my overall essay writing skills. In maths, the precise and concise manner in which all the topics were covered saved me a lot of time, and improved my accuracy. I am extremely grateful to the GRE-TOPPERS  faculty – they never treated me as if I were too young to take SAT. In fact, the personal and customized attention that they gave me was far beyond my expectation. Their counsellors were also very helpful, and I look forward to taking their admissions counselling services when I start my applications three years from now. For students with big dreams, GRE-TOPPERS  is definitely the place to be!


Om Prakash

SAT Score : 2170

I was a student of GRE-TOPPERS  for both its SAT classes and Application Process. While the SAT classes sharpened my grammar and gave me the final push I had needed to score a 2400 on the SAT, my counselling team helped me meticulously plan my way into the University of Pennsylvania. Team GRE-TOPPERS  planned out my schedule and made sure I completed and sent all my applications well before time. I remember, one time when I was stressed about my result, GRE-TOPPERS  consoled me, calmed me down and then made me fill in my application. I will forever be grateful for their stalwart efforts. Thank you, GRE-TOPPERS !



SAT Score: 2110

I'll be attending Carnegie Mellon University this fall (same place where Vinod Khosla, an IITian, founder of Sun Microsystems, and creator of Java, went for his Masters; they have the #1 Computer Science and #2 Computer Engineering programs in the US). Thanks to GRE-TOPPERS , I got a perfect score on both the SAT and the ACT and became a National Merit Scholar (partially related to the PSAT, on which I got a 236). Thanks so much for all you've done for me! I doubt I could've gotten the encouraging atmosphere and level of personal attention that GRE-TOPPERS  provided at any other prep course, even those nearby in Houston.



SAT Score: 2040

I have always been a good student in school, and I initially thought that SAT will be cake-walk. Once I started preparing, I realized that my biggest problem was time management and also, I was making too many silly mistakes. The teachers in GRE-TOPPERS  taught me strategies which improved my speed and accuracy. After following their advice, I realized that I am able to solve the problems in almost half the time. There were times when I had to miss classes because of exams in school. The staff at GRE-TOPPERS  always made sure that I got the necessary back-up classes. The faculty were always willing to help. In fact, the people in the GRE-TOPPERS  center told me that I can avail of their services for one whole year. This gave me a lot of flexibility. I repeated some topics 2-3 times. Also, I liked the way in which they conducted the mock tests. It felt like the actual SAT. I am very happy with the help that I got from GRE-TOPPERS  in my SAT preparation. I will not think twice before recommending GRE-TOPPERS  to anyone who is serious about getting 2000 or more in SAT.



SAT Score: 1980

I felt the whole teaching process was exactly what was required for the SAT. The teachers knew what they were saying and were very clear and expressive while teaching. The exercise books provided were excellent and really helped, with all the practice questions, practice tests and general guidelines. I was really happy with what I got at GRE-TOPPERS .



SAT Score:1960

"The classes were extremely helpful. I benefited immensely from the organized structure of the course. The vocab lists, the tests, the discussions, all helped me reach a score of 2000 in my first attempt, despite the numerous extra curricular activities I was taking part in at the time. I felt I was welcome at the center to take a practice test any time of the week. And I charted out many plans with my instructors before the test, all of which helped. I believe it was the drive from the center as well as from me, that helped maximize my SAT score."



SAT Score: 1930

The training sessions were enriching and quite comprehensive. The small size of batches ensured that the teaching was personalised. The faculty was available for doubt sessions after the syllabus was complete, and were available for help at all times. The study material provided was a cut above the books available in the market, and contained all the types of questions one can expect on the actual exam. The mock tests were also quite realistic, and resembled the difficulty of the SAT. GRE-TOPPERS  helped me achieve the objective of getting a great SAT score. The faculty demonstrated extreme professionalism and was focused on ensuring that I do well. I would definitely recommend GRE-TOPPERS  to anyone looking to get a great score on the SAT.



SAT Score: 1920

GRE-TOPPERS  really helped me raise my score. Some of the tips they gave me were things you couldn’t learn in a book. The questions we were required to complete helped me learn what I didn’t know and strengthen what I already did. The English exercises were invaluable and helped me understand how questions were going to be framed. Initially, like most people, I figured that English questions were subjective but GRE-TOPPERS  taught me a precise way to find the answer to every question in a way that made me confident of my answers.



SAT Score: 1940

GRE-TOPPERS  was the best decision I took when the thought of studying abroad came to my mind. With amazing faculty and brilliant studying material, GRE-TOPPERS  provided me all that was required. The classroom atmosphere was very cordial and that motivated a sense of learning. I'm glad that I joined GRE-TOPPERS !!



SAT Score: 1920

The school year so far has been pretty hard, and exams, tests, midterms, projects, extracurriculars all tie into that. However, I don't have to worry about the SATs, because I took them early in the school year, fresh after taking the SAT course at GRE-TOPPERS . I am pleased to say that I did pretty well: I got a 2310 total (770 in math, 800 in writing, 740 in critical reading). I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me, because without your aid, I surely wouldn't have done so well. The course at GRE-TOPPERS  really helped me concentrate on what I needed to know, and then some. It didn't focus solely on how to take the test (which was the sole purpose of another course I took, which did not help me at all). I learned a lot from you guys about a lot of topics, and the feedback you provided helped me focus on areas that I needed to work on. I felt that the classroom setting, the assigned homework, the in-class work and encouragement from you guys really helped me tremendously and I'm glad I took the SAT course at GRE-TOPPERS . Thanks a lot!


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Student Name SAT Score
Om Prakash  2170
Prasanna 2110
Yuvanithi 2040
Raghul 1980
Jayawardini 1960
Aakansha 1930



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