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Quality of education is very high and the degrees are recognized globally opening unlimited opportunities for work after graduation.

The education system is very unique with the practical aspects of teaching being the focused area. Students learn mostly from hands on experience.

The flexibility of the U.S education system adds to its uniqueness. Unlimited and novel specializations to choose from attract students from all over the world.

Skilled faculty members from the heart of the educational system in U.S. Each faculty is chosen with care specifically for their exceptional qualifications and knowledge in their particular field. These professors guide students through their specific course teaching them the basics and encouraging them to think out the rest.

Up to date research facilities and advanced technologies allow students the luxury of abundant exposure in their chosen field of study.

Global collaborations and exchange programs provide students with endless opportunities to try their hand at the current work that is being carried out thereby exposing them to the challenges and environment of real world research.

Job opportunities are abundant in the U.S after completing a course with high starting salaries.

U.S.A is a multicultural hub of education with many cultures and people from various backgrounds coming together due to a common interest being knowledge. This environment allows students to broaden their horizons and eliminate narrow-mindedness in their thinking.

U.S.A is a safe and friendly country, no matter your race or religion, which makes its students feel welcome and at home.

The U.S education system has many positive factors which demand out of the box thinking allowing the students to discover their potential. This adds to its appeal making U.S.A one of the most ideal destinations for educational purposes.

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The number of available programs and quality universities in the United States are very impressive. The enrollment rates in most of these Universities are also quite high making U.S.A a favorable student destination.

Financial assistance is available for most of the courses in the form of scholarships and assistantships.

Skilled Faculty members are very important in guiding students in their chosen field of interest. In this the US is excellent; most universities hire only the best in their respective fields. Additionally visiting foreign professors and scholars allow for great interactions, a better education.

Many Universities offer immense exposure to students through their global tie-ups and exchange program establishing a platform to learn more.

The flexibility of American education is one of the best in the world. Many options are available in one particular field of interest itself. Students have unlimited choices and the freedom to specialize in rare and specific areas.

The education meted out in the United States is often focused on the practical aspects of teaching thereby creating an environment that will enhance the powers of a student's problem solving skills and thinking abilities.

Education abroad is also focused on developing an all-rounder so students are encouraged to participate in many outdoor activities and talents are recognized and nurtured further along with the education.

Being a developed country U.S.A places students at the heart of current research work in every field due to its up to date facilities and advanced technologies.

Culture shocks can be expected but it can work out positive. The students will be exposed to a totally new scenario which will acquaint them with the different lifestyles and broadened thinking.

Many job opportunities are available in and around U.S.A and the safe and diverse society along with a quality lifestyle make it all the more appealing.


U.S.A's post-secondary education is offered by a large number of public and private universities at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

Undergraduate level courses include various fields such as Arts, Science, Engineering and technology and traditionally have a time span of 4 years (Although additional time is provided when deemed necessary).

The basic admissions criteria includes good high schools scores, high performance in standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, etc and a good overall personal profile (this is true for all of the A and B ranked universities).

Master's and Doctorate degrees have a time span of 2-3 years and 4-6 years respectively, impart education and training in a specific field of study. Both require a thesis preparation and its oral defense for completing the course. If you complete the course in any good university, you will be considered an expert in your field due to the difficulty of these graduate level programs.

Because of this common admission criteria includes a strong academic background, exceptional scores in standardized tests such as GRE/GMAT/ MCAT, language proficiency tests, an excellent and detailed statement of purpose, resume, good letters of recommendation, high extracurricular achievements and personal interviews (usually for PhD programs) as per the University's requirements.

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    SwaathiSundar 730
    PrashanthSingvi 730
    Vigneshwar 720
    Divyabharathi 710
    Jegan 690
    Kousal 680


  • Student Name Test Prep Score
    Gowrisankar GRE- 328
    Girish GRE-327
    Hiran GRE-325
    Swaathi GRE- 325
    Aswanth GRE-325
    Nandhini GRE-324
    Praveen GRE: 325
    Sindhiya GRE: 325
    Siddharathi GRE: 322
    Sherin GRE: 322
    Vivek GRE: 323
    Karthikeyan GRE: 321
    Aaditya GRE: 319


    GRE: 319
    Soundarya GRE: 319
    Mohan Kumar GRE: 318
    Sanjana GRE: 317
    AdrinIssaiArasu GRE: 317
    Shyam Kumar GRE: 314
    Mathan Kumar GRE:312
    Narendran GRE: 312
    Leeladhar GRE: 311
    Deepan GRE:311
    Shyam GRE: 311
    Vinod GRE: 309
    Pradeep GRE: 310
    Sanjay GRE: 310
    Karthik GRE: 310

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